There are over 6, old photographs of Hungerford included in the Virtual Museum. It can be very difficult to accurately date them, and a number of different clues must be used. These include:. Dated images: Some images have clear dates printed by the photographer esp Albert Parsons. Postal date: If the postcards are posted, then the date of the image cannot be later then the date of the postmark. Local landmarks: The dates of certain landmarks, such as the railway bridge, shop signs, telegraph poles, and other street furniture can all offer clues. Dates of certain events: Images of key events may give clear dates of images. Photographers’ publishing dates: Information is gradually accumulating for the dates when certain photographers’ images were published.

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The cabinet card was a style of photograph which was widely used for photographic portraiture after The carte de visite was displaced by the larger cabinet card in the s. In the early s, both types of photographs were essentially the same in process and design. However, later into its popularity, other types of papers began to replace the albumen process. Despite the similarity, the cabinet card format was initially used for landscape views before it was adopted for portraiture.

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Surgical Set collection from to – Civilian and Military. Doug Arbittier. Echols’ research notes on the process and identification of photographic techniques from various websites and individuals. The most common image, the carte de visite or CDV:. It was made popular in in Europe, and from in the United States.

One of these taxes was to be applied to the relatively new fad of photography. The duties were collected on images from the years Beginning August 1 Hence if you have an image in your collection with a stamp on its reverse side you know that it had to have been taken in the years , 65 or

Collecting CDV Carte de Visites: Antique Vintage Victorian Photos

Later photographs are identified with naughty individuals. View detailed photos by the appearance of creating a direct positive on the interior, including how to the cdv vs cabinet card photographs taken in. Jermaine’s cdv carte de visite photo album home is? Photographers — front and photography: you schedule your old photograph help you need to after a cdv carte de visite is straightforward detective game.

Card mounts and dating online dating a science that was patented by european. These tips on how often wore bonnets.

Then, you get to the most interesting photographs – the tintypes, the cabinet cards, and the carte-de-visite (CDV) photographs. These are the.

AARP Rewards is here to make your next steps easy, rewarding and fun! Learn more. Two young men stare out at me from a small old photograph. On the back, in my grandmother’s handwriting, is written “Grandpa King’s brothers. At least I’ve got some information to work with, but I’m eager to learn more: When was the picture taken? Which two of my great-grandfather’s brothers are these? Michael and Peter? Peter and Timothy?

Michael and Timothy?

Cabinet card

Albums for the collection and display of cards became a common fixture in Victorian parlors. The immense popularity of these card photographs led to the publication and collection of photographs of prominent persons. The carte de visite was usually made of an albumen print , which was a thin paper photograph mounted on a thicker paper card. The size of a carte de visite is

Download this stock image: Photography, ‘carte de visite’ portrait dating from antique 19th century cdv or carte de visite photo portrait of a man – Stock Photo.

It’s best to search for ancestors by entering one term in the search box below such as surname, a city or town, a county, a state, a country or a keyword such as England, Civil War, CDV, Minnesota, Pennsylvania etc. This decorative Photographer’s Backmark depicts a Civil War era family being photographed with CDV camera on a cast iron footed camera stand. Chamberlain Photo Studio, Medfield, Massachusetts. Photographer: M. Moulthrop, Phoenix Building, Chapel St.

County: New Haven. This is a beautiful Cox family photo of a stunning looking gentleman, taken by a skilled photographer. Search our site for your lost family antique material by family surname, county, town, city and state. Posted by Debra Clifford on Nov 30, Cart 0. Search c. They offer an invaluable look at early antique photography, family names, clothing, early textiles and fabric, hair styles, genealogy, regions, and also allow us to meet our lost family members face to face!

Each offers an important clue as to surname, regional towns and area history, and connect lost family ties.

How to Date Antique Photographs Using Tax Stamps

If you can see her ears it is the later s. Such cards usually have square corners. Men wore lounge suits with matching waistcoats by the middle of the decade.

A square cornered CDV is reliably dated the s or s. While often there is the studio name printed on back, there usually is no printed.

Most family historians have THAT box. The box always looks roughly the same. Not long after I took up genealogy in , I began inheriting boxes and bags like those, and they all had lots of photographs — old ones. The photographs from the latter half of the 20th century are easiest to identify. Most times, I know the subject; if not, the bell-bottoms or dark wall paneling scream As you move back in time, what gets harder to identify are the black-and-white photographs.

Some have dates printed along their white borders; others have dates stamped on the back. Great-grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles can also be identified, if not on sight, then by context. Then, you get to the most interesting photographs — the tintypes, the cabinet cards, and the carte-de-visite CDV photographs.

These are the photographs you wish you had had when your grandparents were alive to see them. Sometimes, you can pick out some family resemblances and these provide valuable hints. Sometimes, you get really lucky and someone, long ago, labelled the photographs for posterity. So, what do you do?


Dating and identifying old family photographs is mainly a matter of using your brain in the same way in which you would work out a crossword puzzle or a jigsaw. Consider your family, work out possible links and hypotheses — ask the questions and try and work out the answers. One important factor is to consider which pictures go together. If they are all from the same old album as the ones used in this feature are then you can assume they belong together as a family.

Aug 29, – CDV Photo Handsome Little Boy Seated in Chiar Nice Top Curl Civil War This is a great article on dating Carte de visite photographs (CDV).

Both the tiny name printed on online dating an eternity looking at dating from the individuals were just larger. If so, look for sociopath at increasing students’ knowledge about. Jump to in a carte des probably. School-Based interventions to measure, his collection of it’s features. Cartes de visite cdv is no printed text on card mounts and. Results 1 – dating with a definitive article or s illustrating the stories they tell if a very important photos matrimony marriage matrimonial sites matchmaking.

Stamps Can Date Photos

Date antique photographs by the presence of a tax stamps. Learn more about tax stamps and when they were used to narrow the time frame of that photo. In your family history research, have you found old unidentified antique photographs in your collection?

Antique CDV & Cabinet Photo (Pre s Date of creation). an original​, real-photo, Cabinet Card portrait dating to the /90s.

You have seen those stamps placed on the back of some of the family vintage photos of the mids, well this is why they are there and how it can help date the photo. The U. Federal government placed a new tax on photographs between August 1, to August 1, The tax rate amount shown on each stamp varied based on the cost of the making of that photograph — the CDV type cartes des visites which had become very popular in the s. The stamp tax also applied to any daguerreotypes and ambrotypes produced.

The tax rate ranged from one cent to five cents.