New cookie jars marked McCoy have been made since the mids. New vases, wall pockets and other shapes marked McCoy have been increasingly common in the secondary market. The new McCoy marks appear not only on copies of McCoy products but on copies of pieces originally made by other collectible potteries such as Shawnee and Hull. One would think using such names as McCoy, Roseville, Watt and others on new products would be illegal, but that’s not the case. Once a company goes out of business, there is no corporate legal staff to challenge the use of registered trademarks or brand names. If registration of a trade name expires, it can even be relisted under a new owner.

How to Recognize Authentic Hull Pottery

The Wise Collector. Buyer Beware! The J. The other firm, founded in Roseville in by J. Chase of the Mount Clemens Pottery Co. The pottery shop closed in

A guide to dating Worcester Marks on pottery and porcelain including date codes and dates for the infamous Royal Worcester porc More. More information.

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How to Estimate the Value of McCoy Pottery

In the collecting world, the Hull Pottery Company is best known for its Little Red Riding Hood dinnerware collection of the s and its high-gloss art pottery of the s. Other popular items include its toiletry jars for Old Spice, vases, and baskets for the florist industry, piggy banks, and lamps. The Hull company has an interesting history and a slew of popular product lines.

Find out more about the company, its unique identifying marks, and tips for spotting reproductions. Addis E. Hull Pottery Company.

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Before you can even estimate or set a price for that antique or vintage McCoy figural cookie jar or other ceramic ware made by the company, you must establish the date that it was made. The company produced ceramic ware under a variety of names from until it closed in , with some McCoy pieces highly collectible. If you are a novice collector, McCoy pottery items are a good way to learn about collecting, as you can obtain some original McCoy pieces at relatively inexpensive prices.

Be aware that several companies produced fake McCoys in a rip-off of the name over the years. Through the various incarnations of the company over its year lifespan, the company used specific hallmarks, also known as maker’s marks, to signify an original McCoy items, but not all items were marked. In the pieces that were, the company used its name in different stylized designs to signify production years, but in its beginning years, the company used the number 4 set inside a shield inside a circle.

During its first years, the company also used the number 9 inside a circle placed inside a shield. It helps to know that not all items marked McCoy are real, as the name was often used illegally to make fake McCoy pieces. If you can identify the designer of the McCoy pottery piece, you might be able to establish its value.

As a rare piece, the monkey head planter commands a higher price. To identify designs created during Cope’s time with the company — from to — look for a simple “N” and “M” hallmark, sometimes stylized with “USA” beneath it. A catalog produced by the company in identified four pottery lines that were being made at the time. Some of the items made were often marked with the line’s name to which it belonged.

Newcomb College Pottery Marks

Figure 1: The images above provide examples of Brush pottery in the later years. Click on any of the pictures for more information it is graphics-intensive and may take awhile to load. Figure 2: Some vases and planters bear the script Brush mark. Figure 4: Many Brush-McCoy planters can be identified by their distinctive unglazed feet. Figure 5: Animal planters in the Brush flesh-colored glaze.

The distinctive McCoy mark is usually seen on the bottom of pieces made after , although various marks were used prior to that date, and, later, variations.

The J. They produced stoneware and some art pottery lines. The plant was destroyed by fire in , but rebuilt a couple of years later. In , George Brush became general manager of the pottery. In , J. They produced artware, earthenware and stoneware. Brush Pottery remained in business until Nelson McCoy Sr. In , the company was sold again to Designer Accents. The pottery was marketed as Nelson McCoy Ceramics until they closed down for good in I have a mccoy pineapple cookir jat i.

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The J. McCoy pottery was established in Roseville, Ohio during September At this time there were 12 notable potteries already in operation in the region. This gives an idea of the competitive climate J. In the earliest years the J. In a couple of years after the turn of the century, it seems, the production of art pottery began, but utilitarian wares were the main focus.

Although there was a significant amount of this type ware produced, none has been found with a markers mark. It is curious to note that the mark promoted the line rather than the maker. As will be seen below, this is also true of other early marks, but the policy was soon changed to include the name of the pottery. After the turn of the century, J. The hand-scribed mark found on this line is shown above.

In April , a fire destroyed the pottery, and in addition, the entire stock of pottery ready to be shipped was lost. Reconstruction began immediately, and after about seven months or so limited pottery production was achieved.

McCoy Pottery Marks

Antique and became the various marks the mccoy. Roseville, seals, seals, for the nelson mccoy and was founded in the mccoy pottery is categorized by register marks, shawnee, such that are exceptions. However, you will be aware that lines.

A page of all the different McCoy pottery marks Mccoy Pottery Vases, Roseville Pottery See the super simple method for dating and valuing antique Mason jars​.

Hull pottery is a popular collectors item, often imitated. Recognizing genuine pieces of hull pottery is as simple as knowing what marks and finish details to look for. The ability to spot a fake will save time and money and give the assurance of purchasing authentic Hull pottery. Read below for a checklist for all those considering collecting or already enjoying the vast array of Hull pottery on the market. Know that Hull pottery has two sets of markings: pre and post Post pieces are marked: “HULL” in large script or block lettering.

Understand that every pattern in the Hull collection has a different item number. For example, willow pattern would be marked with a “W” and a number.


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Dating Yellowware Pottery Through Decoration & Marks “apple green,” as found on this 12″ McCoy “Sunburst” mixing bowl (sold for $75).

Vases, planters, and ashtrays were the most popular items from the era. Today, certain McCoy pieces can bring in a nice price for sellers. If you love McCoy pottery then read on to find out more about this iconic American company. While the McCoy Pottery Company was started in founded by William Nelson McCoy , it was not until that the firm began making art pottery in the form of vases and other decorative objects. Before this point they had made unadorned crocks and mixing bowls : strictly utilitarian.

The company was founded in Roseville, Ohio, but is not to be confused with the Roseville Pottery which produced art pieces at the turn of the century and which at one point owned the McCoy name. In fact, there are many types of pottery associated with the area, not just Roseville and McCoy.

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